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Deliverable 1.1 Railway network key elements and main sub-systems specification

The main aim of this document is to provide a general description and characterization of a generic mainline railway system. An electrified railway system is complex distributed engineering system and can be described as a closely-knitted integration of a number of sub-systems which interact continuously with each other influencing the global energy consumption.

Deliverable 1.2 Global Consumption Map and Analysis - Public Summary

The main objective of Task 1.2 of WP1 is to obtain a global energy consumption map. An energy consumption map is a comprehensive and graphic way of representing the energy flows in the whole railway power supply systems.

Deliverable 2.1 Coral Tree set up

Deliverable 2.2 Reference architecture for Strategic Decision Making

Deliverable 2.3 Reference architecture for Operational REM System making

Deliverable D2.3 “Reference architecture for Operational REM System Making” aims at describing the architecture of a “smart” solution for the optimisation of use of energy in the different parts of the railway system.

Deliverable 2.4 Merlin Business models

Deliverable 2.5 Study of the business models in Scenario 3

Deliverable 3.1 Common methodology for scenarios data gathering and assessment

Deliverable 3.2 MERLIN Scenarios description

The main objective of Task 3.2 is the definition of the five evaluation scenarios identified by MERLIN and their objectives

Deliverable 4.1 Detailed architecture of REM System

Deliverable 4.2 Preliminary design of the wayside energy dispatcher

Deliverable 4.3 Preliminary design of the onboard dynamic energy manager

Deliverable 4.4 Energy purchase decision maker algorithm definition

Deliverable 4.6 Preliminary design of the mainline smart grids

Deliverable 4.7 Design of auxiliaries controlling algorithms

Deliverable 5.1 Smart Strategic energy management system software specification

Deliverable 5.2 Smart Strategic energy management system software development report

Deliverable 5.3 Smart Strategic energy management system software validation report

Deliverable 6.1 Collection of simulations

Deliverable 6.2 Complete evaluation of the optimisation possibilities for the defined scenarios

Deliverable 6.3 Operational REM assessment report

Deliverable 7.1 MERLIN Exploitation Plan

The main objective of this deliverable is to outline a clear and effective strategy in order for the results of the projects to be exploited and implemented in an optimum manner. Without such a strategy the full potential benefits of the project may not be realised.

Deliverable 7.2 Position paper for agent integration and interaction

Deliverable 7.3 Proposal for Technical Recommendation - Railway Energy Management System’s architecture and location of Energy Meters in the grid

Deliverable 7.4 Proposal for Technical Recommendation - Energy and power related information protocols at operational level

Deliverable 7.5 Guideline for the implementation of network integration

Deliverable 8.1 Logo, graphic charter

Deliverable 8.2 Project Website

Deliverable 8.3 MERLIN Brochure

Deliverable 8.4 MERLIN Newsletter: Making Railways Energy smart

Deliverable 8.5 MERLIN final Brochure